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Exformatics ECM app empowers mobile users

Softwaredeveloper Exformatics launches a new mobile ECM app for Android and iOS. With Exformatics Anywhere, mobile and tablet users are now able to work more efficiently with tasks, documents, notes etc.

Exformatics ECM app for iPhone, iPad and Android devicesA new and improved mobile ECM app (Enterprise Content Management) enables workers to perform daily tasks when waiting or travelling. The mobile app Anywhere from Exformatics increases knowledge sharing and efficiency.

Exformatics Anywhere is a mobile application for smartphones and tablets enabling users to perform daily tasks on the go, providing complete overview of tasks, as well as status of activities and projects. Users are able to read files on the device such as documents, PDF’s etc. that are all related to activities in the ECM.

”The new mobile solution enables our customers to increase the efficiency even more. Our customers tell us that several employees have smartphones and tablets, and obviously want to exploit the possibilities available. That is now possible in a larger scale with our enhanced app,” says Morten Marquard, CTO at Exformatics.

The timing of the new and enhanced mobile app is perfect. Recent research shows that more users will access the internet from mobile devices than from fixed lines within four years. (Source: IDC)

Unfortunately, as research from Swedish Inspectum points out, business applications for mobile devices are at a standstill. According to surveys 91 per cent of smartphone users use the device for emailing. Only 13 per cent, however, utilize the device for customer-related information and only a mere four per cent for projects. Exformatics wants to change those numbers.

”This app makes it possible to work even smarter using time between meetings, during travelling and at other times, which most people consider as a waste of time. This app makes it possible for knowledge workers and for people on management level to work more efficiently completing or delegating tasks and sharing knowledge while away from the desk. This raises the flexibility of daily work for the employees,” says Morten Marquard.

To maximize security, the Exformatics Anywhere app holds no sensitive data. Data are read via a cloud-based solution from servers located behind the company firewall.

To learn more about Exformatics Anywhere, click here.

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