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Get more work done without email

Knowledge workers spend 28 % of their work week handling emails. That is time that could be spent better as communication through the inbox is far from efficient. Knowledge sharing also looses out.

#No email tips Below you will find some advice on how to regain control of your workday and not be dictated by your inbox.

The advice is based on the experience Exformatics has gathered during our email ban. With these ideas you should be able to limit the email communication between you and your colleagues and work more efficiently.

Read it here and feel free to comment on our Facebook page.

  1. Write short guidelines for how to use  email in your business. Succes without email will only come when everybody is involved.

  2. Leverage alternative means of communication.

  3. We recommend social media technologies integrated to business applications. Skype, Yammer etc. will also do.

  4. Enable autoreply around holidays asking the sender to have patience - alternatively to call if urgent.

  5. Do not flag your email as really, really important, demanding receipt from the poor receiver. Pick up the phone in stead!

  6. Try to estimate the importance of the email. If it’s nice to know, then step away from the keyboard.

  7. The alternatives, activity streams and statuses, are quick and the information is stored. A phone call is even quicker and is preferred to endless cc-mails and mailbouncing.

  8. Keep updates and streams short and to the point. This is need to know.

  9. Make sure your contacts know how to catch you via phone and social media.

If you want to learn more about our #noemail experiment, here it is.

Want to know how we communicate? Via activity streams, a social media inspired form of communication for our ECM, Enterprise Content Management, and activity management solution.

News from the world of Exformatics

This is the news section and pressroom. Here you can get an overview of what’s going on in Exformatics, the world of ECM, etc.

04-10-2012 Exformatics part of European SharePoint Conference 2013
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 07-08-2012 Report: Knowledge workers spend 28 percent of the week on email
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 25-04-2012 Financial Services Union Denmark chooses case management from Exformatics
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 14-02-2012 New appointments
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 08-02-2012 Exformatics Ditch Internal Emails
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 01-02-2012 ISS Chooses Exformatics for Document Management
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 04-01-2012 NKT Flexibles Manages Sales and Projects with Exformatics
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  22-12-2011 ECM app empowers mobile users
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 05-11-2011 New appointments at Exformatics
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 05-10-2011 Exformatics awarded growth prize
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 19-09-2011 New appointments
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 05-08-2011 The David Collection chooses Exformatics ECM
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 04-07-2011 Copenhagen hit by thunderstorms. Hopefully, the power supply will be working again Tuesday. For further information, contact Bo Skovfoged, Communications, at +45 3110 1976.

 11-09-2010 LEGO Juris approves Exformatics ECM test run
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09-09-2010 The Nordic Culture Fund Chooses Exformatics ECM
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 22-07-2010 Digitising and sharing workflows: Exformatics in cooperation with the IT University of Copenhagen
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 23-04-2010 Swedish architects FOJAB choose Exformatics ECM
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 16-03-2010 Exformatics ECM ready for Microsoft SharePoint 2010
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