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Activity and Case Management based on SharePoint

Activity and case management for SharePoint with Exformatics

Exformatics ECM is a new generation of activity and case management solutions.

With Exformatics, knowledge workers are provided with a flexible, state-of-the-art solution to provide a 360-degree overview of activities, all persons involved, upcoming deadlines and accomplished tasks, attached documents, e-mails, etc.
Case management becomes more transparent when all related information is available from a single view of the relevant case and all parties involved are continuously updated on current activities.

With Exformatics ECM, coordination and knowledge sharing have even been simplified in complicated cases such as legal matters and Intellectual Property Rights, etc. All information is only a few clicks away.
Activity and case management based on SharePoint empowers knowledge workers to focus on the tasks and goals ahead, instead of struggling to get an overview and get back in control.

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Activity and case management features:

360 graders overblik i aktivitetsstyring

360-degree overview for all projects and allocated persons.

Cockpit view of all activities, tasks, deadlines etc.

Complete overview of all activities, tasks, assignments, checklists and deadlines.
Management of all contacts  Easy management of all contacts related to activities and cases.  Optimal project management Time recording for optimal project management and economy.
 Share all kinds of data Comprehensive features for knowledge sharing of all types of data.    

How we define ECM

Enterprise Content Management solutions come in a broad variety - some able to handle more functions than others.

Read here to learn how we define ECM and broaden the term to also include the support of daily tasks with digital workflows. 

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