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Project Management for Microsoft SharePoint 

Project Management for Microsoft SharePoint

Manage your projects with Exformatics. Project Management from Exformatics provides managers with a comprehensive project overview and keeps track of deadlines. 

Exformatics facilitates smooth project planning and execution – with the possibility to allocate and manage resources and employees.

With Exformatics, all information related to projects is made available to users, including version history and role-based access to files such as documents

Detailed and easy-to-use time recording and invoicing ensures full monitoring of the project budget.

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Exformatics Project Management features:


Complete overview of all tasks, documents, contacts etc.

A 360-degree project overview with attached information on data and key people.

Videndeling med Exformatics projektstyring 

Knowledge-sharing of all kinds of data.

Project management with time recording

Optimum project management with easy-to-use time recording.

Easy management of all contacts

Easy management of all contacts related to projects. 

Full overview of all activities, tasks, assignments, checklists and deadlines

Comprehensive overview of all activities, tasks, assignments, checklists and deadlines.




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