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How to get Support

Did you create an IT-case?
It’s important you notify your local ECM responsible and create and IT-case in your Exformatics solution. When you create the case, make sure to add contact information that the Exformatics support can use to reach you or another specified contact.

If you already created an IT-case
When you have created an IT-case, we will review it as soon as possible. The case might be updated with requests for more in-depth clarification and/or potential solutions, so keep an eye on your IT-case. Normally your local ECM responsible will monitor all your IT-cases. If necessary, contact us on +45 7020 9051.

Efficient Remote Support

If we contact you by phone, we will use a tool that ensures a quick and efficient support. The difficulty with phone support is that support cannot see the screen and what goes on there. Therefore Exformatics offer its costumers quick and efficient remote support through our support system, where the user simply runs a program. This program enables Exformatics’ employees to see the screen and control both mouse and keyboard. After the Support Session is completed, it will no longer be possible to get onto the computer without the user’s permission.

There will not be left installed components or software on your computer after the session.

Important notice! 
During the support session you should be aware that we can see your screen and control your computer. You should therefore close all programs and documents that could potentially contain confidential or sensitive information before you start the support session.

How to start remote support

Picture 1: Choose run to start remote support.

Teamviewer til Exformatics


Picture 2: The remote support program is being downloaded.  If you are asked to run the program, choosecontinue.

Select 'run'


Then type the support of session-ID and session-password. 

After remote support no installed components or software will be left on your computer.  

how to get support

  • Download the support module. (2.5mb)
  • Install the support module (if operating on Citrix installation may be necessary on the local hard drive, not when logged into Citrix.)
  • Inform the Exformatics support of your ID (9 digits) as well as the session password (4 digits).
Teamviewer screenshot