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Reap the benefits with ecm for Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint
The Exformatics ECM solution for knowledge sharing, activity management, etc. is based on Microsoft SharePoint. 

By choosing this widespread platform for content management, Exformatics ECM ensures customers the freedom of choice and flexibility necessary to stay competitive.

Exformatics ECM is an engine for SharePoint configured to match the workflows and processes in the organisation. With the unique architecture of Exformatics ECM, the solutions blend into the organisation and facilitate easy-to-use e-mail management, document management, project management and quality management, empowering traditional ECM areas such as digital archiving in combination with improved potential for collaboration internally as well as externally through knowledge sharing and digital workflows. 

Exformatics ECM for SharePoint integrates across businesses and supports work throughout the organisation.

Arguments for gaining advantages with Microsoft SharePoint include:

- It is the fastest growing platform for knowledge sharing and document management
- SharePoint ensures easy integration to well-known Microsoft Office
- A large number of standard solutions are available 
- A growing number of standardised, additional programs are made available
- Reasonable prices and flexibility of choice of supplier
- Exformatics is Microsoft SharePoint certified.

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Exformatics is available for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as well as MS Office 2010.


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